Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3 update

Will and I went around over the weekend and passed out donation letters to a few businesses around town. One place (Price Chopper) gave him a gift card on the spot! One place told him no. And every where else said they would 'pass it on to the manager'. We haven't heard back yet from anyone.
I am in the process of writing up a letter to send out. Seems it might be more worthwhile to send them. Will only was able to talk with 2 managers face-to-face.
I also set up a Hyena Cart!! It is There will be some raffles soon, I'll update when it is officially up and running. Right now it's in the baby stages!
I am going scrapbooking this Friday so I'm hoping to drop off some flyers for my crop!
Our garage sale is set for the weekend of March 26/27. Time to get rid of all our junk for a good cause!! Know anyone needing to declutter? Send them our way!! We'll also be having a bake sale during the garage sale. And possibly doing bake sales at the fish fry night at the firehouse, I'm working on that.

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