Friday, April 16, 2010

Still trucking along...

Well I'm embarassed that I haven't posted in so long.. but here is an update!

We did a few auctions on Hyena Cart and that raised us a few hundred dollars! We have another stocking set to start on May 1st. I'm hoping to line up a lot of items! So far I have had a few people commit, and one in particular that I am very excited about!! This person

We also are having a 'Bowl For Will's Walkabout'. Will is taking pledges (so much money per pin he knocks down) and then he will bowl THE game in a couple of weeks. He is excited because it's doing something he loves!

We were able to pay down almost $4000 just from fundraising! We held a VERY successful garage sale during March. We also raffled off some donated items. I am so thankful to everyone who donated items and also shopped at the garage sale. And of course, those who helped us set up. It was a LOT of work!!

As of today, there are 79 days until he leaves.

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